Waterproofing and Coatings

Coatings and Water Proofing

Why silicone roof coatings? Silicone coatings will save you money long term, are Eco-friendly and last 10-15 years. Silicone reflects heat, unlike asphalt which absorbs heat into your rooftop, lowering your cooling costs. Applying a silicone coating to your roof emits fewer toxins than any other coating, contributes towards LEED points, and is Energy Star rated. Also, when the time comes to re-do your roof, there is no required tear-off which eliminates landfill waste. Simply, pressure wash the roof and reapply a new layer of your silicone coating.


In addition, silicone coatings are water resistant, UV resistant, have built in elasticity, have a high solid content and are impermeable. This allows for a thick, even, and smooth coating to be applied with just a few coats that is hydrophobic and can flex with a shifting structure.
GacoFlex is a silicone based, solvent free sealant for virtually any roof.
S2100 is the only cleanable, solvent free, 100% silicone coating on the market. It resists dirt pick up, even after years of exposure and maintains it’s whiteness and ability to reflect heat better than any other silicone coating. GacoFlex S2100 contains no crystaline sillica and is made from 37% recycled content, which is the highest in the industry.
S20 can be used on large, small, flat or sloped roofs and is a proven and guaranteed solution for weathered rooftops. It is a durable, glossy, seamless membrane that seals and protects against pooling water, ultraviolet light, and severe weather. It is certified to NSF P151 (an independent testing protocol for rainwater catchment systems) and doesn’t exceed the US Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water regulations or advisories.

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